Scouts: Outdoor Skills Enrichment


Snake program photoLLELA offer fun activities to help Scouts accomplish objectives related to merit badges. While these classes are designed to meet badge requirements, members of other youth organizations or children simply interested in these topics are welcome to enroll. It is usually impossible to accomplish all objectives related to a badge in only a few hours, but LLELA staff will include as much as possible in a series of hands-on, engaging activities.

*Workshop fee of $10 per person. Parents dropping off or picking up a Scout for these activities may enter LLELA free of charge for this purpose.

Please include your phone number when registering so that you can receive weather updates if necessary. Register online at or by calling 972.219.3550.

These dates are intended for individual children or very small troops to participate; groups of eight or more Scouts can schedule a workshop specifically for their group on a different date.

For further information, contact, or call 469.635.5484.

 Weather Merit Badge