Kids' Wilderness Survival Camp 2019


shelter buildingJoin us for a week-long outdoor survival adventure day camp! Build shelters, find edible wild plants, make fire without matches, blend into your surroundings with camouflage, and much more!

July 8-12    9 a.m.-Noon   Ages 6-13   $140 per child

Registration Forms     Print, fill out and either mail or scan/email to the contact below. Once your forms are received, we can accept payment by check or phone. LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS JULY 1.

Contact: City of Lewisville-Parks & Recreation, PO Box 299002, Lewisville, TX 75029. Attn: Dolores Martinez,, 972.219.3550.

Day 1: Explore Native American and pioneer culture. Begin building our Summer and Winter shelters. Find edible and medicinal wild plants. Spear and spear thrower (atlatl) training. Discover ways to be safer and not get lost in the woods (lostproofing).

 Day 2: Learn how to make fire the way of the Indians (bow and hand drill methods), along with proper fire structures that light every time! Learn how to locate and purify water. Play Indian survival games to increase skill levels and awareness of surroundings.

 Day 3: Learn how to make rope from plant fibers, weave baskets, and make primitive traps and snares. Learn how to throw a rabbit stick and shoot bows and arrows. Practice fire-making techniques in groups from materials harvested off the landscape.  

 Day 4: Explore how to blend into the environment with natural camouflage. Obtain woodsman skills to get closer to and better observe wildlife. Finish our shelters while discussing ways to modify them for rain and colder weather. Discover how to track animals and humans through any type of terrain. 

 Day 5: Learn ways to make soap, tooth brushes, and other utilitarian items out of native plants. Explore different ways to cook over a campfire. Discuss advanced archery and how to make your own Indian bows and arrows. The week ends with a review and graduation when each camper will receive their very own arrowhead!

Campers should bring a water bottle, snack, and bug spray, and arrive with sunscreen on each day. All activities are conducted in a safe environment.

Camp standards of care

Survival Camp Collage