Dam construction update, June 15: Visitors are no longer able to cross the outlet works. There will be no access to the Bittern Marsh Trail or east side of the river during this time.


There will be no access to the pavilion and Beaver Pond parking area on weekdays through July 3. These parking lots will be available for use on weekends. This will include the following areas and trails: Bittern Marsh, Redbud, Cicada, Green Dragon and Cottonwood Trails. Only the Blackjack will remain unaffected during this time. Access will not be available east of the pavilion at a later undetermined date. 


Fishing at LLELA


Anglers can access a one-mile stretch of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River for fishing. Catfish, sunfish, and bass are all regularly caught. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the City of Lewisville both stock trout in this stretch of the river each winter (usually December-February). There are good entry points into the river for wade-fishing, with caution. At times the river is running very high and fast and is not safe to enter. At other times, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reduces the water flow in the Elm Fork below Lewisville Lake Dam to almost a trickle. The release rate is determined by the amount of water requested by the City of Dallas and by flooding conditions downstream. LLELA staff have no control over the water flow in the river. As of 10/25/2019, when the Corps of Engineers is releasing more than 5,000 cfs through Lewisville Dam no fishing is allowed. When the river is at that flood stage, most fishing access points are flooded anyway. This access restriction protects visitor safety.

The current water release rate through the Lewisville Lake Dam can be checked daily at the Lewisville Lake website.

A current fishing license is required for adults to fish at LLELA.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens do check our facility.

All state regulations for fishing apply.        In addition,

  • NO NETS are allowed for use at LLELA except for landing nets. We do not allow cast-netting for bait. Violators will be asked to leave.
  • Anglers are welcome along the Elm Fork. All other bodies of water at LLELA are closed to fishing.
  • To help us control litter (especially used fishing line) please use a fishing pole of some kind.
  • LLELA is a wildlife preserve. Litter can harm our wildlife. Left-behind fishing line is a particular problem, as it can snare birds and other wildlife. Please leave our preserve cleaner than you found it, for the benefit of all.
  • As in other City of Lewisville parks, no bows are allowed at LLELA. This includes fishing bows.