Dam construction update, June 15: Visitors are no longer able to cross the outlet works. There will be no access to the Bittern Marsh Trail or east side of the river during this time.


There will be no access to the pavilion and Beaver Pond parking area on weekdays through July 3. These parking lots will be available for use on weekends. This will include the following areas and trails: Bittern Marsh, Redbud, Cicada, Green Dragon and Cottonwood Trails. Only the Blackjack will remain unaffected during this time. Access will not be available east of the pavilion at a later undetermined date. 




Gather around our campfire for traditional campfire fun, which may include stories, songs, and of course toasted marshmallows. $10/person, or $30/family of 4-6. Registration required. Check our calendar for upcoming dates. For more information contact

Things You Need to Know

  • Drive & Walk. There are several locations where Campfires programs are held, depending on conditions. You may need to drive a short distance on unpaved surfaces and walk a short distance on uneven ground to get to the Campfire. The gate attendant will direct you to the Campfire when you arrive.
  • Be ready for the weather. You’ll be off the beaten path and under the open sky. Be sure to plan accordingly.
  • Pay online. Pre-registration is required. This 2-hour Campfire program is $10 per participant. Families pay only $30 for the first 6 people, and $10 for each additional person.
  • Arrive early and stay the whole time. Due to our security gates, you must arrive by the start time and stay the whole time. There will be no one at the gate to let you in late, or to let you out early. You CAN arrive before the Campfire to enjoy the trails and more.
  • Wear outdoor clothing. We highly suggest long pants, closed-toe shoes, and layers. You will be walking on uneven ground to get to the campfire.
  • Things to bring. Bring a full (and refillable) water bottle and a blanket and/or chairs. If you bring snacks, be sure to take any trash with you (“pack it in, pack it out”). A flashlight is advisable for the walk to and from the Campfire. We will provide s’mores (marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate).
  • Embrace the wild side of I-35. LLELA is a completely outdoor facility without plumbing. There are clean portable toilets close to parking areas.
  • Respect wildlife. LLELA is a nature preserve. Please respect the animals, plants, other visitors, and facilities at all times. Leave No Trace: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories, kill nothing but time.