Elm Fork Paddling Trail Conditions: 2/20/2017


 Mike Swope of KayakPower.com reports there is a very large tree across the whole channel at about 4.2 miles downstream from LLELA. Photo below. The tree has caught a lot of debris that makes it difficult to get through, but it is possible to portage around and over the mess at river left. Crews from the City of Lewisville Parks and Recreation Department will attempt to open the channel up, but it may take some time to get to this.

There are also log jams and associated strainers right after the railroad bridge, and a little further down by the old stone bridge, between 1 and 2 miles from the put-in location at LLELA. Caution is required, but paddlers should be able to find a way through.

Definitely wear your life jacket and use caution.

Here's the photo of the blocked channel at 4.2 miles downstream from LLELA:

Mess in the river at 4.2 miles down