Dam construction update, June 15: Visitors are no longer able to cross the outlet works. There will be no access to the Bittern Marsh Trail or east side of the river during this time.


There will be no access to the pavilion and Beaver Pond parking area on weekdays through July 3. These parking lots will be available for use on weekends. This will include the following areas and trails: Bittern Marsh, Redbud, Cicada, Green Dragon and Cottonwood Trails. Only the Blackjack will remain unaffected during this time. Access will not be available east of the pavilion at a later undetermined date. 


Staff Contacts

Ken 2

Dr. Kenneth Steigman

LLELA Director


Richard Freiheit

LLELA Restoration Manager



Erika Tang

Acting LLELA Manager


Tiara Chapman

Tiara Chapman 

Nature Programs Coordinator


Rob Smith 

Rob Smith

Interpretive Park Ranger


LLELA Gate Attendants:

Virginia Griffith, Ken Huckstep, Jackie Martinez, Joan Naylor, George Crowell

LLELA Environmental Educators

Rita on the prairie
Rita Lokie       
Erin Piper
Erin Piper

              Johnathan Smith                Jonathan Smith

Erin T
Erin Taylor

Jim Terry (photo coming soon!)                          

Charlotte Sangermano (photo coming soon!)