No pets allowed at LLELA


It can be a great experience to take a hike with your dog, and we understand it is sometimes hard to leave your friend at home on a beautiful day. Many of LLELA's staff are dog owners, but when we are at LLELA our dogs stay home. There are many reasons for this policy.

Dogs affect wildlife.

  • The presence of dogs in a wilderness area puts stress on wildlife, whether from direct or indirect interaction.
  • The presence of dogs can make wildlife feel threatened, increasing the chances of a wild animal attacking a dog or human.
  • Dogs can pass and receive diseases and parasites to and from wildlife through direct and indirect interactions. Diseases and parasites include fleas, ticks, worms, parvovirus, and many more.

Dogs have an effect on other visitors.

  • While you may love your dog, not everybody does. LLELA is for the enjoyment of all visitors. The presence of dogs can inhibit some people's enjoyment.
  • Dogs scare birds, interfering with bird-watching (many birders come to visit LLELA).
  • Dog feces can result in an unpleasant smell around campsites, along trails, and from the bottom of shoes.

*Service animals who are on-the-job for their owners are always welcome at LLELA, and are an exception to the rule.

Thank you to all visitors for respecting wildlife and our other visitors by leaving pets at home.