LLELA Freshwater Mussel Checklist


Common Name

Scientific Name



Amblema plicata


Rock Pocketbook

Arcidens confragosus

Species of concern**

Asian Clam

Corbicula sp.

Invasive species

Texas Pigtoe

Fusconaia askewi

Species of concern**

Yellow Sandshell

Lampsilis teres


Fragile Papershell

Leptodea fragilis


Threehorn Wartyback

Obliquaria reflexa



Plectomerus dombeyanus



Potamilus purpuratus


Giant Floater

Pyganodon grandis


Western Pimpleback

Quadrula mortoni



Quadrula verrucosa


**Both the Rock Pocketbook and the Texas Pigtoe were listed at the Federal and State level as “species of concern.” Texas Pigtoe is ranked as imperiled due to restricted range and scarce populations. LLELA has a nice-sized population near the confluence of the Elm Fork with the original river channel. Conservation status was based on the 2005 Texas Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.