Spring 2017 Home School Natural Science Classes

  • Classes are for students in K - 8th grade
  • $12 per class, or enroll your child in four classes for $40
  • Registration is required:  Registration form    Medical form  (please print each form & fill out)
  • Please return completed forms and payment by check or money order to City of Lewisville-PALS, PO Box 299002, Lewisville, TX 75029. The fee is $12/class/child, or $40/child for all 4 classes.
  •  Payment may also be made by credit card at 972.219.3550, but not until forms have been submitted by mail or by email (kcooper@cityoflewisville.com
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 3/6/2017. Some grade levels are nearly full. Call 972.219.3550 to check availability before sending in forms and payment. 

K—2nd grade, four classes, 10:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. each session

Life on the Prairie

Much of LLELA is in the Blackland Prairie ecoregion, where tallgrasses and wildflowers sway in the wind and provide a home for wild creatures found only in these wide open spaces. At first glance, the prairie can seem flat and featureless, but it is every bit as rich in life as the forest. Explore with us as we learn to appreciate this important part of North Texas’ natural heritage. K-2 banner spring 2017

  • March 9: Fur & Feathers: Prairie Birds & Mammals
  • April 13: Cold-blooded Critters: Prairie Herps
  • April 27: Flutterbys & Fireflies: Prairie Insects
  • May 11: Rooted Deep: Prairie Plants

3rd—8th grade, four classes, 10:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. each session

Project Prairie

The eastern portion of LLELA is in the Blackland Prairie ecoregion, a critically endangered and often misunderstood ecosystem. Come and explore the prairie with us as we discover what author William Least-Heat Moon meant when he said, “The prairie is nothing but grass as the sea is nothing but water.” Then participate in a two-session prairie restoration project. Separate sessions for 3rd—5th graders and 6th—8th graders.3rd-8th banner spring 2017

  • March 9: What Is a Prairie?
  • April 13: The Upside-down Rain Forest
  • April 27: Rebuilding the Prairie   Part 1
  • May 11: Rebuilding the Prairie    Part 2

*Note: The last 2 class dates for the 3rd-8th graders are a 2-session restoration project. Students do not have to participate in both, though they are related. Part 1 is in our native plant nursery, and Part 2 is a planting project out on our prairie restorations.